History of the Program

            The D.B.A. Program is one of the graduate programs offered by the Graduate School, Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University. The main office of the program is located at Srijuthapa Building (Building No.21). 

            The D.B.A. Program was first offered in 2009. Before being offered, a particular committee was appointed to be responsible for the development of the program. They conducted a research to determine needs and expectations of the program and invited experts in the field to consider and give comments on the program structure and details in order to ensure that the program can truly meet the needs and expectations of students. The program consists of 3 majors including Finance Management, Marketing Management, and Human Resource Management. The program was approved by the Office of the Higher Education Commission on 27 August 2009. Thailand Qualification Framework for Higher Education (TQF: HEd) required that all existing programs had to be revised to meet with the Office of the Higher Education Commission’s Program requirements and criteria within the Academic Year 2012. To respond to such requirement and to produce high-standard graduates in the field of business administration who have expertise and skills to work efficiently in the real world, the program committee revised all the program components to meet with the TQF: HEd.   The program had a major revision again in which no major was offered. The newly revised program provides students with an opportunity to study all the courses that cover knowledge required in the field of business administration. This is to make the program more modern and align with today’s business context.